Meniscal Repair Rehabilitation


In ROM brace at all times, except may remove for therapy. Ice to knee.


Phase I: Protective Phase

Weeks 0 - 2
ROM Brace 20-60° NWB With Crutches P.T. (may remove brace)
  • Warm-up x 20 min
  • PROM 10-70°
  • Patellar mobilization
  • Quad & HS isometrics
  • E-Stim
  • Ice and stretch at completion

Phase II: Mobilization Phase

Weeks 3 - 4
ROM Brace 10-90° PWB with crutches (50% BW) PT (Add to above)
  • PROM 0-100°
  • Proprioception Activities
  • Modalities as needed

Phase III: Weight-Bearing Phase

Weeks 5 - 6
ROM Brace unrestricted 0-140° FWB with crutches PT (Add to above)
  • Shuttle run in brace
  • Step-ups
  • Isometrics-Isotonics
  • Strain-Counterstrain
  • Progressive Resistive Exercises (PRE's)

At 6 weeks may discontinue brace & crutches, continue therapy and develop home program.

ACL With Meniscus Repair

When ACL and meniscus repair done simultaneously, use the ROM-bracing guidelines above, and Weight-bearing status as above, but otherwise follow ACL-Rehab protocol.