New Options For People Living With Chronic Pain

New Options For People Living With Chronic Pain

New Options For People Living With Chronic Pain

Dr. Monroe Adds Advanced Interventional Pain Management to Shasta Ortho’s Comprehensive Orthopedic Team and Facility

Interventional Pain Management In Redding

Forrest Monroe, MD

Dr. Forrest Monroe, a fellowship-trained pain management specialist, is bringing cutting-edge treatments for patients suffering from chronic pain. For those looking to manage their pain with solutions beyond just medication, Dr. Monroe will work to diagnose the source of the pain and devise a comprehensive plan using precisely targeted, minimally invasive procedures.

When Pain Is Keeping Patients From Living Their Lives

Dr. Monroe can help people with back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves, chronic postsurgical pain, headaches, cancer pain, and more. For people who feel they have tried everything, Dr. Monroe provides cutting-edge techniques such as diagnostic and therapeutic injections, nerve ablations, spinal cord stimulation, and other minimally invasive treatments.

Shasta Orthopaedics provides a multidisciplinary team that brings every available resource and skill set for various treatments. Chronic pain may not always have a cure, but the Shasta Orthopaedics team treats the whole person to maximize quality of life.

Shasta Orthopaedics is your Complete Solution for Care

Shasta Orthopaedics is a complete orthopaedic care facility designed around the comfort, convenience and optimal care of the patient. From a comprehensive team of specialists to on-site diagnostic and physical therapy services, Shasta Ortho strives to meet the complex needs of our patients suffering from orthopaedic and sports injury problems, as well as other painful conditions.

The addition of Dr. Monroe is the latest in Shasta Ortho’s commitment to better serve the healthcare needs of the North State community.

Originally hailing from Northern California, the newest doctor at Shasta Orthopaedics says it’s good to be back. Dr. Forrest Monroe is a welcome addition to the community and an exciting complement to the practice with advanced pain management training and experience.

If you are interested in Dr. Monroe’s pain management services, talk to your doctor
or call directly for an appointment: 530/246-2467.