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Anderson Silva Leg Injury And Return

Anderson Silva Leg Injury And Return


For those unfamiliar, Anderson Silva is a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship, the largest mixed martial arts organization in the world) fighter who is recognized as one of the greatest middleweight champions of the sport (Silva was undefeated with 14 wins prior to his first fight with Chris Wiedman. Note the injury occurred in his 2nd fight with Wiedman).

On December 28, 2013, he suffered a horrific leg injury in the UFC 168 Championship fight against Chris Wiedman.

In this series of videos, Shasta Orthopaedics’ Sports Medicine physician David Schillen, M.D., provides insights on Anderson Silva’s injury, recovery, and possibility of return to competing. In addition to providing insights on Anderson Silva’s broken leg injury, the videos provide insights for all athletes on the topic of sports injuries and the recovery process. The videos were shot January 16, 2013 and are even more pertinent now as it has been announced that Anderson Silva will return to fighting as the headline fight on January 31, 2015 at UFC 183 against Nick Diaz.

Anderson Silva Broken Leg Injury Recovery: Insights on Treatment and Healing

Dr. Schillen’s provides insights on the intramedullary nail that was used in Anderson Silva’s leg injury treatment and also addresses the question of whether the bone will be stronger after healing.

Anderson Silva Injury: Insight on his broken leg (tibia) treatment

Dr. Schillen explains the use of the intramedullary nail (IM nail) that was used in Anderson Silva’s broken leg treatment.

Anderson Silva Injury: What Athletes and Others Can Learn

Sports Medicine specialist Dr. David Schillen talks about what athletes, coaches and others can learn from Anderson Silva’s broken leg injury.

Anderson Silva Injury – Will Anderson Silva Fight Again?

Sports Medicine doctor David Schillen, M.D., provides his assessment of Anderson Silva’s ability to return to fighting shortly after Anderson Silva broke his leg in his December 28, 2013 fight against Chris Weidman.

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