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Redding Personal Trainers, California Personal Training

Continue your Training with Shasta Orthopaedics Physical Therapy

Personal training in Redding, California developed by the Certified Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Personal Trainers at Shasta Ortho.

Each session consists of a speed, agility, strength, and a sport specific workout. The session will last 1 hour in length.

Our staff is dedicated to educating each athlete on proper training to prevent injuries while improving performance. Not only will athletes train with a professional, they will understand why they are doing exercises so they can continue to do them on their own.

Prices for one-on-one training:
  • $35 per session
  • $32.50 per session for a package of 12 (savings of $30)
  • $30 per session for a package of 16 (savings of $80)
Prices for two or more athletes:
  • $25 per session per person
  • $23 per session per person for a package of 12 (savings of $24 per person)
  • $20 per session per person for a package of 16 (savings of $80 per person)

For any packages of 12 or more sessions, each athlete also receives tracking of performance to document and evaluate improvements (speed, vertical jump, strength, etc).

Please call us to schedule an appointment at 530-224-2226.