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If your muscles ache, joints are stiff, or your bones hurt, orthopaedic medicine may be able to help.

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Redding California Spine Institute

Spine Institute

The Spine Institute can help with your back and neck pain. Working together with the entire Shasta Orthopaedics team, the experts at the Spine Institute can identify the problem and find a solution.

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Redding California Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

ShastaOrtho Sports Medicine can provide you with high quality care for minor and major sports related injuries, as well as preventative education and training.

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Redding California Physical Medicine

Physical Medicine

Shasta Orthopaedics Physical Medicine can offer a wide variety of solutions to treat your symptoms with a focus on increasing your ability to function and your quality of life.

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Redding California Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

As part of a comprehensive program, Shasta Orthopaedics works in conjunction with Liberty Physical Therapy to offer you the most complete and integrated care in the region.

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Redding California Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Knee replacements are done because knees wear out.

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Redding California Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training is provided by Liberty Physical Therapy, a collaborative partner of Shasta Orthopaedics.

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Redding California Osteoporosis Screening

Strong Bone Clinic

The Shasta Orthopaedics Strong Bone Clinic (SOSBone) screens patients for risk factors for osteoporosis.

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Northern California Stem Cell Treatment Center

Northern California Stem Cell Treatment Center

Shasta Orthopaedics partners with Northern California Stem Cell Treatment Center to treat patients with their own stem cells for issues such as painful osteoarthritis in the knee, hip or shoulder, plantar fasciitis, small joint osteoarthritis and other common, debilitating diseases.

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Patient Education

Patient Education Center

Get information on treatment options and technology that we offer at Shasta Orthopaedics.

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Redding California Pharmacy

Owens Healthcare Pharmacy

Owens Healthcare on-site pharmacy is no longer open but please visit Owens for all your pharmacy and medical equipment needs at a location convenient for you.

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