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Shirley R.

"A call out to Marisa...she is amazing, and kind and she has compassion, and will work to help! I have had amazing care! Many thanks!!"

Antonio Angelone

"After two levels of my cervicle being repaired followed 10 months later by my left leg having a rare reconstruction, I can tell you there are no better surgeons or staff anywhere in the North State. I owe them the use of my arms and hands, as well as the ability to walk. Forever in your debt."

Shirley Robinson

"Doctor Sabet, is the best doc, and a very nice caring man. I didn't have sports injury, but regardless, just wanted to post, how nice everybody is at shasta ortho, they care about you....and they help you!"

Betsy Barber Bivin

"Thank you Dr. Schwartz for your exceptional care. I was so pleased to have a physician with the foresight to do a bone density scan as there is a history of osteoporosis in my family. You are a kind and conscientious physician. I appreciate your knowledge and patient education."


"I saw Dr. Schillen for a torn meniscus. He performed surgery to repair it and my knee is as good as new. He's top notch."


"Dr.Chang discovered reason for problem which had been missed by other provider and was able to provide relief and good follow up treatment. Liked him enough to send my wife to him for a knee problem."


"Dr. Schwartz is an excellent surgeon. He has done a number of (operations) on me, notably a complete reverse shoulder replacement w/ prosthetic, not only a difficult surgery but fairly new. He sent me to their excellent Physical & Occupational therapists, and I now have an amazing range of motion. Pretty darn good outcome for someone in their '70's!"


"I would highly rate them. They have a really good bedside manner. They take time with you and I really like them. Everyone's friendly, timely, you're not rushed, and they answer all your questions."


"Surgical repair went very good. Thorough and professional diagnostic process and advice on choices with predictable outcomes. Surgery was chosen and with very good results."


"Dr. Sabet was awesome. He not only explained everything that he was doing and why, he was warm, funny, and more than professional. While the multiple needles were not always comfortable, the procedure was much less painful than the last one I had endured, and he explained what and why he was doing what I was feeling. He is a wonderful doctor."


"Wow! I went to Dr. Schillen having basically chosen him because of positive Yelp Reviews. He was fantastic, spent time with me, diagnosing where my hip pain was emanating from, then within 72 hours, called my insurance and cleared me for a steroid injection. He's part of the Shasta Orthopedic Group. they have a huge spanking new building on the corner of Liberty & Shasta Streets. Great facility, kind and bright techs guide you through the appropriate paper work, and locations for your appointments. The early morning appointment I had for my injection there was no one stirring about the lobby with the exception of a super nice Physical Therapist, Ryan, who kindly welcomed me and made me feel comfortable until reception arrived. That in and of itself was so sweet, I mean, who ever takes the time to make sure anyone's doing anything they don't have to do at 7 am!

The injection procedure was, thankfully, super fast and painless. Dr. Schillen and his radiology tech expertly worked through first the dye injection and then the actual steroid injection itself, as I lay totally relaxed watching it through the fluoroscope on TV. Amazing. Over and done in under 10!

I cannot recommend him and his group highly enough. If you're in pain, don't wait go see his group and him!"


"Wonderful surgeon in Dr. Nowak. Excellent surgical results (and, yes the surgery was needed), excellent post op care, excellent care by the "casting" staff and Dr. Nowak's nurse. Never an issue getting an appt. Never an unreasonable wait time. Never a problem getting a Rx. Phone calls always returned."

Dave Reynolds

"Within 90 days of therapy I got the full use of my arm and shoulder back. I call that a MEDICAL MIRACLE…I give doctor Schillen and his assistant an A++."

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