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MRI Preparation

Important Information for MRI Patients

IMPORTANT: It is essential for your safety and the most accurate results of your MRI, that your read the following prior to your MRI study. After reviewing, please complete the MRI Screening Form and return it to Shasta Orthopaedics main floor receptionist ASAP. You may also fax completed forms to 530.242.9463.

Complete the Shasta Ortho MRI Screening Form Online

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Redding MRI Screening


The MRI is a very strong magnet. For your safety before your procedure we must know if you have any metal in your body. Some metal objects may harm you or may interfere with the quality of your procedure. Some examples of objects containing metal are:

  • Pacemakers
  • eye implants
  • defibrillators
  • earrings
  • brain aneurysm clips
  • hairpins or clips
  • neuro stimulators
  • permanent tattoo make-up
  • cochlear or stapes implants
  • magnetic implants, implanted insulin or infusion pumps
  • dentures, retainers or braces
  • carotid artery vascular clamp
  • orthopaedic implants such as pins, rods, screws, nails, wire
  • heart valve prosthesis
  • hearing aids, wigs
  • bullets, shrapnel
  • artificial limbs or joints

If you have any of these items additional precautions prior to your MRI may be required. Also, if you have worked with metal, or have metal in your eye, an orbital x-ray may be required to clear you prior to your MRI.

Please be sure you have told us if you think you may have any metal in your body.

Because the MRI is a magnet we ask that you leave any jewelry, watches, jewelry, piercings,
pocketknives and loose change at home.

MRI Charges

Shasta Orthopaedics provides the MRI image capture, or technical component only.  Since MRIs are required to be interpreted by a radiologist, a local radiology group interprets the image findings and issues the report.  Accordingly, you will receive two bills for an MRI, one from Shasta Orthopaedics for the technical component, and one from the radiology group for their report.

The Types of MRI procedures are and our pre-procedure instructions are found below:


If you are scheduled for a standard MRI appointment, no special preparation is necessary. The only requirements for this procedure are that you have no metal in or on your person, and that you are not claustrophobic. If you do not know or if you are unsure please let the MRI technician or nurse know before your procedure begins.

MRI With Contrast

Please remember that your study is with contrast so do not have anything to eat or drink 4 hours prior to the study. This includes water, coffee and mints. It is necessary that you arrive thirty minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

MRI With Sedation

If you are having an MRI with sedation, you are not required to fast, your arrival time is forty five minutes prior to your study, and you must be accompanied by a driver.

MRI With Contrast And Sedation

MRI studies with contrast and sedation require the patient to not eat or drink anything four hours before the procedure, as stated above this includes coffee, water and even mints. This study also requires you to be accompanied by a driver. It is necessary for you to arrive forty five minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Policy for Canceled or Missed Appointments:

VERY IMPORTANT: Shasta Ortho and Liberty Physical Therapy patients please read to avoid being charged for canceled/missed appointments.

Appointments that are canceled without timely notice or missed without notice are subject to a Canceled or Missed Appointment fee.

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