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Athlete’s Edge Series: Barefoot Running

Athlete’s Edge Series: Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running – Help or Hype?

Have you ever considered running barefoot? While that may seem a little out of the ordinary, runners all over the world are adopting this new style of running. Although the majority of runners still wear shoes, the debate rages on as to whether barefoot running is more natural and beneficial than wearing running shoes.

Is Barefoot Running Beneficial?
Barefoot running is more than a trend; it has become an athletic movement over the last few years. Proponents of barefoot running cite several benefits to the practice-specifically that it results in a more natural stride and reduces the risk of injury. Certain running shoes, they contend, create an abnormal running pattern and encourage runners to land on the heel of their foot, which leads to a heavier impact on the knees, legs, and feet. According to those in favor of this technique, running barefoot is the way that the body was naturally intended to run and is therefore better for the body.

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