Dave Reynolds Testimonial

Dave Reynolds Testimonial

May 2009

To All Concerned:

I’m a seventy year old man in good health and very active. Last summer (08) while siding a large house, I injured my right shoulder and arm. I tore the tendons on the bicep and around the shoulder. I still think that I’m twenty one and don’t need to go to the doctor. I finished the job and for the next two months babied my arm and shoulder. During those two months my shoulder froze up tight. I was unable to move that shoulder. I could not use the arm due to the pain.

I went to a clinic and the clinic referred me to Dr. Schillen at Shasta Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Because I am seventy years old, the doctor looked 21! In reality the doctor was probably 35 or 40. I found him to be a very experienced, knowledgeable and wise doctor. My first couple of visits, the doctor worked his magic and caused the pain when moving my arm to stop. He then referred me to therapy at Shasta Ortho Physical Therapy. I kept my appointment and was a little early. Sitting there like a grumpy old man, I determined that this office was too busy to be friendly. Yet I hadn’t talked to anyone. My time came, they called my name and I was shown to a private office in the back of the facility. The physical therapist, Michael, came in and asked me to explain my condition.

When I finished explaining it, Michael began to show his personality and the true personality of the clinic. Michael showed his very wise and humorous side. He completely put me at ease. One of Michael’s comments was: “Let me say back to you Dave, what you said to me. Your arm and your shoulder began to hurt you and it got worse. Being the macho man that you are, you just rubbed a little dirt on it and kept going. You didn’t need to see no doctor. Then as it got worse, you finally gave in and decided to see a doctor.” I found Michael to be a very wise and experienced therapist. I made an appointment to start the rehabilitation of my arm and shoulder. When I came for my first appointment I found these very busy office women to be a pleasure to know.

The therapist prescribed all of the exercises and Michael’s assistant was the enforcer of the exercises. I first received an excellent warm up massage by Michael, and then Michael turned me over to the enforcer. The Enforcer’s name is Bob, who pretends to be tough and all business. I found Bob to be a very pleasant and intelligent Enforcer and friend. I hope somewhere down the road of life that Bob and I will become closer friends.

Michael had other assistants that helped and covered my needs every time the Enforcer was busy with other patients. Within 90 days of therapy I got the full use of my arm and shoulder back. I call that a MEDICAL MIRACLE.

As for Michael, he displayed great knowledge and ability (massage). He challenged me every minute that I was there. I give Michael and all his assistants an A+ rating. As for the Enforcer, I give him an A++ (he ain’t so tough). As for the other therapists in that clinic, I was very impressed. Luke was very knowledgeable, a go getter and pleasant man. Dave was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful. If there were other therapists in that office, I have nothing but good to say about them. Everyone was excellent.

As for the office ladies, they were not only friendly and helpful, they were very pleasant and had good personalities. It was a pleasure knowing and meeting these office workers. I give them an A+. I can’t close my letter without at lease one more shot at the Enforcer. “You’ll make it, keep studying, you’re doing good. (The fifty pound weights certainly did do a good job, and they brought you such pleasure!)

I give doctor Schillen and his assistant an A++. I do wish the best on everyone in that clinic.

Thank you again,
Dave Reynolds
9164 Irish Creek Lane
Redding, CA 96001