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Few things affect our lives like back and neck problems.

Which is why Shasta Orthopaedics has created the North State’s most complete Spine Center.

What Makes Shasta Ortho the Better Choice for Back and Neck Problems?

Back and neck problems have many different causes and many different solutions.

Shasta Ortho has a complete team to properly diagnose and provide the right solution from simple physical therapy and injections to complex spine surgery.

Solutions To Help With Spine Problems

Spine Institute In Redding, California

Just some of our solutions to help with spine problems are injections, regenerative medicine, radio frequency lesioning, kyphoplasty, spinal cord stimulators, physical therapy, chiropractic care, pain management and spine surgery.

And you can get all of these services – including many diagnostic procedures such as X-rays and even MRIs – at our one convenient location.

If you’re having back problems, you’re in the right place.

Shasta Orthopaedics. Changing What’s Possible.

Our Spine Institute Team Includes:

Redding Spine Specialist

Dr. Farzad Sabet who completed a fellowship in non-surgical treatment of neck and back pain at the renowned Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Farzad Sabet »

Redding Pain Management Physician

Dr. Forrest Monroe who specializes in advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for the management of chronic pain as well as minimally invasive procedures for spinal stenosis which presents as low back pain.

Dr. Forrest Monroe »

Redding Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Spine Surgeon Dr. Brian Blackburn who completed his spine fellowship at highly regarded Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Dr. Brian Blackburn »

Redding Chiropractor

Chiropractor Dr. Lance Lollar who uses his experience to help all patients recover as fast and completely as possible to get back to the activities they enjoy.

Dr. Lance Lollar »

Redding Sports Medicine Doctor

Dr. Tony Chang who has specialized training in the evaluation and treatment of back problems, including therapeutic services such as injections.

Dr. Tony Chang »

Redding Physical Therapy

Shasta Ortho’s team also includes a complete team of Physical Therapists.

Redding Physical Therapy »

The ShastaOrtho Spine Institute offers:

Spine Pain Treatment In Redding, California

  • A wide range of treatment options, both non-surgical and surgical
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Advanced diagnostic tools
  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Physical medicine
  • Injections
  • Highly advanced surgical procedures
  • Education and support
  • Guidance through lifestyle changes
  • Chiropractic Care

The ShastaOrtho Spine Institute is:

Spine Institute In ReddingHelping patients understand their diagnosis and treatment is an essential part of our care.

  • The only comprehensive spine care program in the region
  • An integral part of Shasta Orthopaedics
  • Patient focused
  • Dedicated to providing you with the best, most advanced care available
  • Unique and unparalleled in the North State
  • Focused on correctly identifying the root of problems
  • Committed to finding the least invasive procedures possible

The expert team at ShastaOrtho Spine Institute will stick by you to ensure that your back and neck receive the care they deserve to improve your quality of life, and get you feeling good.

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