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Orthopedic Doctors In ReddingShasta College Football Coach’s Recovery Journey

For Ben Weaver, football has been a major focus for most of his life. In fact, he calls himself a “Football Nerd”. As a kid he loved to toss the ball around with his siblings, he played in high school and college and even played on a semi-pro team while working at his current job as Assistant Coach at Shasta College. So when Ben dislocated and separated his shoulder and could no longer throw the ball to his team during practice, he went right to Dr. Schillen at Shasta Orthopaedics who found he had a torn labrum, torn rotator cuff and a bone chip in his shoulder. At the time Ben’s wife had a baby on the way so Ben delayed the operation for 6 months.

In December 2013 Ben went for surgery to repair the damage. Dr. Schillen told Ben it would take a year before he would be back to normal, but less than 11 months later Ben was back to throwing the football with his team at practice and could hold his baby boy (and future football enthusiast) without pain.

Ben’s Recovery Testimonial

Watch the video below to learn more about Ben’s experience and see how far he’s come since his surgery:

Shoulder Surgery Gets Redding Athlete Back To Crossfit

Shoulder Surgery In ReddingCrossfit is a core strength and conditioning program that has been growing in popularity throughout most of the world. Richard Henson, a 62 year old husband, father and grandfather in Redding joined a local Crossfit group in 2012 to get back into shape. After losing some weight and learning how to do all the exercises properly he was approached by a Crossfit coach who encouraged him to join the 2013 Reebok Crossfit Open, a worldwide competition where challengers all perform the same five exercises and submit their scores online in real time. Says Henson “I was surprised because here I am, a guy over 60 who is just trying to get into shape and I’m being asked to compete against other men in my age group from all over the world.”

He placed 7th in the world at the Open for men 60 years old and above. From there he went to the World Games in Carson, CA and he ended up 10th in the world for his age group.

Shortly after the 2013 games he was invited to a competition in the San Francisco Bay Area. “At about the third or fourth workout I was doing a bar exercise where you hang on a bar and bring your toes up to the bar as many times as you can. My left hand slipped off the bar and I fell and landed on my left shoulder and hit the back of my head.”

The fall blew out his left shoulder–all three ligaments were severed. His shoulder literally dropped several inches and his collarbone popped up toward his ear and his scapula (shoulder blade) disengaged.

Richard explains how he chose to go to Shasta Orthopaedics and Dr.Schwartz: “I met Dr. Schwartz previously outside of Shasta Orthopaedics and knew that he was a smart and meticulous man AND he came highly recommended to me. I decided that he would be my best choice for me.

Dr. Schwartz gave me my options: he said I could choose to do nothing other than physical therapy and I’d be ok but I’d never be able to do Crossfit again. Or, I could have surgery to repair and rebuild the shoulder and continue Crossfit. My wife and I decided that surgery was the way to go.”

Local Resident Credits ShastaOrtho

“You don’t know what you have ‘til you lose it”, says Bob Caton, a resident of Chester, CA. After a rafting accident slowed this active cyclist and hiker, he sought relief for hip pain from the doctors at Seneca Hospital and Shasta Orthopaedics. Known in the North State for the highest quality orthopaedic and sports medicine care and innovative techniques, Shasta Ortho’s team of experts quickly diagnosed arthritis in the hip and identified some hip erosion. Working together, the doctors were able to achieve amazing results with cortisone injections and physical therapy. In this video, Bob describes how Shasta Ortho’s complete, personalized care approach made a huge difference in his life.

Fixing Ankle Problems Has Come a Long Way.

Byron Cross is not normally a person to be kept from his active lifestyle. He certainly didn’t let losing part of his right arm in an accident slow him down. But when he started having ankle problems, he was concerned about how complicated the treatment might be. Sadly, he suffered for over 2 years of his life, getting to the point where could barely walk, much less enjoy all the activities he loved with his friends and grandchildren.

Luckily Byron connected with Shasta Orthopaedics and learned a total ankle replacement was not near as complicated as he imagined. As with many patients, Byron’s response has been simple: “I wish I’d done it sooner”.

This commercial highlights the results of ankle replacement patient Byron Cross of Mt. Shasta, California. Mr. Cross was able to return to his active lifestyle thanks to an ankle replacement from Shasta Orthopaedics in Redding, California.

Redding Ankle Replacement Doctors


Dave Reynolds Testimonial

To All Concerned:

I’m a seventy year old man in good health and very active. Last summer (08) while siding a large house, I injured my right shoulder and arm. I tore the tendons on the bicep and around the shoulder. I still think that I’m twenty one and don’t need to go to the doctor. I finished the job and for the next two months babied my arm and shoulder. During those two months my shoulder froze up tight. I was unable to move that shoulder. I could not use the arm due to the pain.

I went to a clinic and the clinic referred me to Dr. Schillen at Shasta Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Because I am seventy years old, the doctor looked 21! In reality the doctor was probably 35 or 40. I found him to be a very experienced, knowledgeable and wise doctor. My first couple of visits, the doctor worked his magic and caused the pain when moving my arm to stop. He then referred me to therapy at Shasta Ortho Physical Therapy. I kept my appointment and was a little early. Sitting there like a grumpy old man, I determined that this office was too busy to be friendly. Yet I hadn’t talked to anyone. My time came, they called my name and I was shown to a private office in the back of the facility. The physical therapist, Michael, came in and asked me to explain my condition.

When I finished explaining it, Michael began to show his personality and the true personality of the clinic. Michael showed his very wise and humorous side. He completely put me at ease. One of Michael’s comments was: “Let me say back to you Dave, what you said to me. Your arm and your shoulder began to hurt you and it got worse. Being the macho man that you are, you just rubbed a little dirt on it and kept going. You didn’t need to see no doctor. Then as it got worse, you finally gave in and decided to see a doctor.” I found Michael to be a very wise and experienced therapist. I made an appointment to start the rehabilitation of my arm and shoulder. When I came for my first appointment I found these very busy office women to be a pleasure to know.

The therapist prescribed all of the exercises and Michael’s assistant was the enforcer of the exercises. I first received an excellent warm up massage by Michael, and then Michael turned me over to the enforcer. The Enforcer’s name is Bob, who pretends to be tough and all business. I found Bob to be a very pleasant and intelligent Enforcer and friend. I hope somewhere down the road of life that Bob and I will become closer friends.

Michael had other assistants that helped and covered my needs every time the Enforcer was busy with other patients. Within 90 days of therapy I got the full use of my arm and shoulder back. I call that a MEDICAL MIRACLE.

As for Michael, he displayed great knowledge and ability (massage). He challenged me every minute that I was there. I give Michael and all his assistants an A+ rating. As for the Enforcer, I give him an A++ (he ain’t so tough). As for the other therapists in that clinic, I was very impressed. Luke was very knowledgeable, a go getter and pleasant man. Dave was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful. If there were other therapists in that office, I have nothing but good to say about them. Everyone was excellent.

As for the office ladies, they were not only friendly and helpful, they were very pleasant and had good personalities. It was a pleasure knowing and meeting these office workers. I give them an A+. I can’t close my letter without at lease one more shot at the Enforcer. “You’ll make it, keep studying, you’re doing good. (The fifty pound weights certainly did do a good job, and they brought you such pleasure!)

I give doctor Schillen and his assistant an A++. I do wish the best on everyone in that clinic.

Thank you again,
Dave Reynolds

Lower Back Back Pain, HF10 Spinal Cord StimulationLower Back Pain, HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation

Shasta Orthopaedics patient, Rickie Radosevich, wasn’t living his life to his fullest. Pain in his lower back was preventing him from spending the quality time with his 12 year old son that he really longed for. For years he had been waking up in so much pain that it was impacting his relationship with his loved ones. He had worked hard to get off of pain medications but the pain still limited his ability to play baseball and kickball with his son.

He met with Dr. Forrest Monroe and discussed doing an HF10 spinal cord stimulation trial for pain relief. In December of 2019, he had a successful trial and achieved a 75% reduction in pain. With this success, he went through with the permanent implant in January of 2020. He now has an 85% reduction in his lower back and keeps busy playing sports with his son outside! In addition to an overall improvement in activity he is also sleeping better, is more flexible and no longer having mobility limitations.

Shirley R.

A call out to Marisa…she is amazing, and kind and she has compassion, and will work to help! I have had amazing care! Many thanks!!

Antonio Angelone

After two levels of my cervicle being repaired followed 10 months later by my left leg having a rare reconstruction, I can tell you there are no better surgeons or staff anywhere in the North State. I owe them the use of my arms and hands, as well as the ability to walk. Forever in your debt.


I saw Dr. Schillen for a torn meniscus. He performed surgery to repair it and my knee is as good as new. He’s top notch.


Dr. Schwartz is an excellent surgeon. He has done a number of (operations) on me, notably a complete reverse shoulder replacement w/ prosthetic, not only a difficult surgery but fairly new. He sent me to their excellent Physical & Occupational therapists, and I now have an amazing range of motion. Pretty darn good outcome for someone in their ’70’s!

Betsy Barber Bivin

Thank you Dr. Schwartz for your exceptional care. I was so pleased to have a physician with the foresight to do a bone density scan as there is a history of osteoporosis in my family. You are a kind and conscientious physician. I appreciate your knowledge and patient education.

Shirley Robinson

Doctor Sabet, is the best doc, and a very nice caring man. I didn’t have sports injury, but regardless, just wanted to post, how nice everybody is at shasta ortho, they care about you….and they help you!


Dr. Chang discovered reason for problem which had been missed by other provider and was able to provide relief and good follow up treatment. Liked him enough to send my wife to him for a knee problem.


I would highly rate them. They have a really good bedside manner. They take time with you and I really like them. Everyone’s friendly, timely, you’re not rushed, and they answer all your questions.