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Brian Blackburn, DO

Spine Surgeon
Dr. Brian Blackburn, DO

Looking for a spine surgeon in Redding California? Shasta Ortho Spine Institute is a great place to start for your neck and back problems.

Looking for a spine surgeon in Redding, California?

Dr. Brian Blackburn no longer works at Shasta Ortho. However, we have a complete team of spine specialists to help people with spine-related problems.

Shasta Ortho offers people suffering from back and neck problems the most comprehensive spine program in the greater North State.

The benefit of having your back or neck problems diagnosed and treated at Shasta Ortho is that our complete team includes specialists in the multitude of treatment options available.

This means we start first with the most conservative non-invasive treatment but also have specialists who can provide more intensive treatment if needed.

Attn: Dr. Brian Blackburn Patients

For patients of Dr. Brian Blackburn, we created special instructions to contact his new office and for information about your medical records. Click the button to the right to view instructions.