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Therapy / Social Services

Therapy & Social Services In Redding

Can You Benefit From Therapy And Support Services?

Shasta Ortho’s Licensed Clinical Social Worker Is Here to Support You.

Since joining the Shasta Ortho team in summer 2020, Tiffany Kernutt, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has been helping many of Shasta Ortho’s patients with nutrition education, weight-loss counseling, and tobacco cessation.

Additionally, Tiffany provides therapy sessions and coaching that can help

  • Cope with chronic pain
  • Manage the stresses of being out of work
  • Alleviate depression
  • Ease anxiety
  • Handle traumatic events (such as loss or a loved one or fires)
  • Deal with suicidal thoughts
  • Lessen the consequences of COVID-19

As an LCSW she can also connect patients to community resources, such as transportation or financial resources.

Tiffany’s license and credentials allow her to accept patients without a referral from a doctor.  So contact us now to schedule an appointment.

If you can benefit from health education, therapy, or coaching sessions, please feel free to request an appointment with Tiffany.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker In Redding

Tiffany Kernutt, LCSW

Tiffany Kernutt, LCSW, provides therapy and coaching at Shasta Orthopaedics.

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