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Ankle Pain Relief

Ankle Pain Relief

Ankle Pain Relief

Redding Doctor Offers Leading Technology For Ankle Problems

Thanks to new ankle pain treatments, many people who have suffered for years are able to get relief from ankle pain and get back to activities they enjoy.

Dr. Jason Nowak of Shasta Orthopaedics was recently featured on KRCR TV News in a segment highlighting his experience with leading ankle replacement technology. New advances in the field of joint replacement are elevating the way Dr. Nowak and other surgeons are able to treat their patients.

You can view the feature on Dr. Nowak and ankle replacement technology at KRCR’s website:

Dr. Nowak explained how computerization has improved the accuracy and efficiency of his procedures. By creating custom ankle replacements for each patient preoperatively, surgeons are able to more accurately align a patient’s leg bones. Additionally, time in the operating room is saved because that alignment work is done in advance.

Dr. Nowak cites that, much like knee and hip replacements, 90% of patients continue to do well even ten years after ankle replacement surgery. Avoiding high-impact activities like running and jumping will ensure long term success with an ankle replacement procedure, but Dr. Nowak said a number of physical activities are still possible – walking, biking, hiking, swimming, and even skiing are all encouraged.

Dr. Nowak and everyone at Shasta Orthopaedics is dedicated to utilizing the best in emerging technology to provide outstanding orthopaedic and sports medicine care to Northern California.

Don’t let your life be limited by ankle problems. If you are suffering from ankle pain, call Shasta Orthopaedics at 530/246-2467.