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Shasta Ortho Ankle Surgeons Case Studies, Total Talus Replacement

Shasta Ortho Ankle Surgeons Case Studies, Total Talus Replacement

Shasta Ortho Ankle Surgeons Case Studies, Total Talus Replacement

Foot & Ankle Surgeons Dr. Garret Strand and Dr. Jason Nowak recently had a study published in the academic journal, Foot & Ankle Surgery: Techniques, Reports and Cases. “Custom Total Talus Replacement as a Salvage Option for Total Ankle Arthroplasty: A Prospective Report of Two Cases” chronicles the case studies of two patients who suffered from complications of total ankle replacement surgeries and underwent a total talus replacement at the hands of Dr. Nowak and his team. The talus is a small bone that sits between the heel bone and the two bones of the lower leg—the tibia and fibula. A total talus replacement surgery replaces the talus bone with an implant. 

Total talus replacement fluoroscopy

Intraoperative fluoroscopy showing excellent positioning of the implant.

The cases were a 61-year-old healthy female and an active 77-year-old male. After the procedure, for the female, “Within 6 months follow up, she was able to return to full weight bearing without any restrictions, and “at her 12 month follow up visit, she was doing very well and had returned to her daily activities without any new complaints.” For the male patient, “he continues to stay active on the golf course without any restrictions.” More information about each patient’s medical history and procedural outcomes is detailed in the Foot & Ankle Surgery article. 

The ankle replacement surgeons concluded that a custom total talus replacement can be a viable option for patients suffering from talar collapse after a Total Ankle Replacement Surgery. 

Dr. Nowak and Dr. Strand are a part of Shasta Ortho’s Foot & Ankle Institute. As foot and ankle doctors they diagnose and treat ankle and foot problems and help to provide non-surgical foot and ankle treatments. As foot and ankle surgeons, they perform surgeries like Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction and Total Ankle Replacement surgeries. 

Shasta Ortho Foot & Ankle Institute’s foot and ankle doctors are committed to using the latest technology for the best patient outcomes. Dr. Nowak, was the first surgeon to use the FasTrac Distal Tibia Alignment System during a recent Total Ankle Replacement. 

Foot & Ankle Doctor In Redding

Jason Nowak, DPM, FACFAS is Northern California Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Fellowship’s program director.

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Garret Strand, DPM is Board Qualified in both foot and reconstructive rearfoot/ankle surgery by The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

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