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Keeping Up With Katelyn!

Raise Awareness For Cancer In Redding California

If you’ve checked out the Shasta Ortho blog lately, you know that we’ve been featuring an outstanding young lady from Redding, Katelyn Peterson, who has been doing some awesome things to raise awareness for cancer.

Katelyn’s journey started when she shaved her head to show support for a family friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. It has now grown into a passionate mission as Katelyn has since started an organization called Kids4Healing, and she is now actively spreading the word. If you missed our previous posts on Katelyn, you can check them out here:

Katelyn Does A Q&A

What Katelyn has been up to isn’t exactly what your average 13 year old is up to. So since she’s been stirring up some curiosity, she decided to do a YouTube video and answer some of the questions she’s been getting.

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